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To maintain quality and consistency Industry Update Magazine has a strict editorial policy.

Editorial submissions should adhere to the following:

  • The article must be submitted to Industry Update at least one week in advance of the edition deadline.
  • The article must be written in a style appropriate for a news story. It is not an advertisement.
  • The article must be of reasonable quality (this includes, but is not limited to, correct spelling and grammar, as well as good style).
  • The article must not contain trivial or offensive material.
  • The article must be current and not previously published in IU.
  • The article must be submitted in a format IU accepts.

Unless there is a prior arrangement, you should send articles as email attachments in Microsoft Word format (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

Email to:

Please include your business name in the email’s subject. If you send more than one email, please include something in the subject to help us distinguish between them.

The article we publish may differ from the material you submit. Articles may be edited to conform with strict editorial guidelines. Any editorial or image changes will be at the editor’s discretion.

Use of company logos        

It is our strict policy NOT to run company logos with client editorials.

If we bend this rule for one company, we are obliged to do it for all.

Logos are more appropriately included with paid advertising.    

Use of images

Images should be supplied in either Jpeg or TIF format. High res (print quality) images (1-3Mbyte) are preferable.

At least two images should be supplied if possible to assist with layout options.

There is NO guarantee images will be used with editorial. (This will be determined by available space and image quality)   

Some conventions of editorial:

  • Don’t refer to your business in the first person (i.e. “we”, “our”, “us”).
  • Don’t say the business is “pleased” (or “proud” or “happy”, etc) to do something, unless it is within a quotation.
  • Use full sentences – remember that it is an article not a classifieds entry. Bullet point lists can be an exception to this rule, but don’t have too many points.
  • Make sure you provide a full article within the word limit (usually 200-400 words). You can provide additional words, which we may publish if space permits. If you do this, make sure the main points are at the beginning, so we can delete excess words. Alternatively, you could send separate long and short versions.
  • Try to write with clarity and style. This is very important if you want us to print multiple, long or unsolicited articles.
  • Important technical specifications are okay, but don’t go overboard. Try to tell readers about the practical benefits of your product in everyday language.
  • Your contact details are IMPORTANT. Please end the article with your business name, phone number and website address e.g:

Joe’s Tools

Ph: 02 9999 9999

For your article to be published your company must be:

  • An Australian based company or a company with representatives in Australia
  • A company involved in the Manufacturing industry
  • You must also agree to receive our twice-weekly e-newsletter and  promotional material

Your article should be 300-400 words, and be original content. To ensure maximum exposure and SEO benefits, your description text should contain UNIQUE or rewritten content. This is essential for optimum results.

Please note only articles relevant to the manufacturing, industrial and mining industries can be published on This ensures a more thorough experience for our users and ensures quality enquiries and leads for your business.

Your content will be added at the discretion of our editor.

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