Sim-4-Safety from SICK: Monitoring of up to four protective fields simultaneously

S3000 safety laser scanner used on a tire curing press 

Hazardous area protection on neighboring machines with only one safety device is extremely efficient. A task SICK has set out to tackle and has now achieved with a new feature based on the S3000 safety laser scanner in combination with the Flexi Soft safety controller. We call it Sim-4-Safety and it is the world's first and only safety concept to monitor 4 protective fields simultaneously with only one safety laser scanner.
A typical application is on neighboring tire curing presses in tire manufacturing shown in the video.

Two neighboring presses work independently. The far protective fields (field 2 and field 4) stop the loading arm movement protecting the worker from overlooking the loading arm coming down on him. The press itself continues work as normal. 
The near fields stop the press movement, protecting the worker from getting caught in the press.

This is monitored for both presses independently, but simultaneously. Press 1 may stop, whilst Press 2 can continue, this ensures highest productivity for tire manufacturing. Formerly, both presses were stopped.