Oil-Free Air? Oh Yeah! Go to Anest Iwata

Hospitals, medical facilities, dentistry, research laboratories – these are all places where pristine air is crucial.

The Anest Iwata Corporation has been making compressors since 1926, and their scroll compressors can be found in environments where oil-free air is vital.

These outstanding oil-free compressors are also eco-friendly have a clean drain and the piping doesn't get contaminated. They are available from Anest Iwata Australia in various sizes ranging from 2.2 kilowatt single air and units through to multi stage 30 kilowatt models.

Customers can enjoy the lower maintenance and running costs, as these products offer long service intervals.

Where clean oil-free air is a necessity, Anest Iwata Australia has your solution.

In testament to this, its parent company, the global Anest Iwata Corporation, are responsible for pioneering and then patenting the technology that enables this oil-free air.

Curious to find out more? Please visit anest-iwata.com.au or contact them by telephone on 1300 888 097.