Boker’s, Inc. is well known for its huge range of quality washers, spacers, shims and stamped
component parts that make their way into a wide variety of products. But just how far does that
range extend?

In the 100-plus years that Boker’s has been serving its customers, they have earned a reputation for
products that are strong, durable, lightweight and finely finished. But did you know that their
products are also used in implements such as fixed blade knives, folding pocket knives and multi-

The multi-tool market uses Boker's spacers and shims to minimize friction and wear, while on the
fixed blade side, Boker's provides spacers and handle slabs to be mounted to the blade.
Boker’s offers over 32,000 stock tools to manufacture non-standard flat washers, spacers, and shims
in over 2,000 commonly used and hard-to-find materials with no tooling charges.

The company stamps components up to 12 inches by 12 inches and in thicknesses from .005 inches to .190 inches.
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