MAGNETS for handling steel slabs

Steel slabs can be a particularly difficult load to handle: Old methods with chains or slings require the presence of personnel near the load, with consequent risks to people and equipment.

Older conventional systems also require slab separation (usually with timber spacers) at storage so that slings or chains can be attached and removed—all adding to cost and inherent risks.

Tecnomagnete BR magnetic modules clamp to the top of the load, with uniform and immensely strong grip and are extremely safe since permanent-electro-magnetic technology is not affected by power outages. Moreover, it does not require backup batteries.

The magnet elements cannot be de-activated and the load released until the load is at rest.

Clamping, lifting, transporting and release are quick and efficient; one operator is able to accomplish all operations.

The video illustrates ship unloading and slab handling in various situations.

Available from Serpent & Dove—Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd