Industrial Automation at its Finest


Turck is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial automation, with about 4,650 employees in over 30 subsidiaries as well as sales partners in further 60 countries.

In their comprehensive portfolio, the IP 67 decentralised automation products feature prominently. 

With no need for cabinets, Turck’s IP 67 automation products reduce hardware and installation costs and simplifying wiring. Enabling modular machine concepts, the centralised automation enables clear programming, and reduced commissioning times can provide distributed intelligence in IP 67 with the flexibility of remote IO, either with or without using the embedded extra intelligence to hybrid safety. 

IO block modules provide standard switching and IO link, as well as safe imports and or outputs, all in one device, and can be used as IO modules in larger safety systems, or as small standalone safety controllers. Turck’s IP 67 IP 69K fully potted IO devices can also be used in dusty, wet or high vibration industrial environments. 

Whether applied in machine and plant construction, in the sectors of automotive, transport and handling, food and packaging or in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, automation solutions and products by Turck increase the availability and efficiency of your systems.

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