Hospital bed casters LINEA e-lock

LINEA e·lock is the latest edition of the proven hospital bed castor series 5940.
What makes this castor unique is its fully integrated, motor-controlled locking system.
I.e. the LINEA 594E is not locked by a foot-operated switch, but electrically. The
electric lock can be activated through any of its three interfaces:
a - Designed to customer’s specification
b - Panel / cable connection
c - Radio control
Emergency release
In the event of a power cut, the castor can be manually unlocked.
The emergency release will be automatically reset during the motor’s reference run as soon as power is available again.
Switching functions
1 - All castors set to swivel actions (Free)
2 - Directional lock for 2 castors
3 - Directional lock for 1 castor
4 - All castors set to fi xed action (Total lock)
- Directional locks can be activated at either the operating panel on the bed or control unit
- Protected against incorrect use by an acceleration sensor
- Opens up new possibilities regarding the design of new beds
- Programmable logic controller
- Does not involve switching torques and switching forces
- Extremely low level of mechanical wear
- Noise reduced