Door and gate control with sensors from SICK

When it comes to accident anticollision prevention, SICK offers a whole range of building automation solutions that enable doors, gates, and windows to be safeguarded with sensors.
These applications are particularly suitable for dispatching, logistics centers, vehicle fleets, parking garages, and car dealerships, where numerous vehicles and people pass through doors and gates. 
The company Schmolck operates a number of large car dealerships plus a commercial vehicle center in southwestern Germany. 
These places experience high volumes of traffic on a daily basis: folding doors for accessing storage and service areas; glass doors through which cars are moved from the showrooms to the forecourt; and sectional doors in the commercial vehicle center and direct car collection points, which open and close countless times a day. 
Areas such as gates and turnstiles can be monitored either using active-switching sensors or a sensor system, which recognizes a special code and then reliably provides access. 
To prevent collisions and accidents with the vehicles, SICK provides light curtains or photoelectric sensors for opening and closing the doors safely, according to the requirements for each area.