Change management defence with the vault

Made a program change you wish you hadn't? Lose the only copy of the device program? Not sure if the program running is the right one?

Control Logic’s ‘Vault’, powered by MDT AutoSave Change Management software, is a plug-and-play system to help reduce errors and downtime, increase productivity, protect users and assets, and identify specific modifications.

Available from CONTROL LOGIC, MDT AutoSave works seamlessly with all brands of PLCs, CNC Machines, SCADA, Variable Speed Drives and more.

MDT Autosave software tells operators the Who, What, Why and Where when it comes to automation asset changes, and it comes preinstalled.

Easily undo changes and restore program configurations within seconds from accidental device failure, power loss or human intervention. Validate the program running, and generate detailed reports to show specific differences between two programs or documents.

One centralised location makes it easy – never lose valuable configurations or code again!

For a simple plug-and-play solution take a look at Control Logic’s ‘Vault’, powered by MDT Autosave.

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