We always seem to have a need for measuring things. Whether it's scientific research, personal development or simply knowing how much gas is in our vehicle, how and what we measure is always important to us. This fact is no different in the worlds of manufacturing, logistics and any other industry requiring controlled automation.



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  1. Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) is the peak national body, based in Melbourne Australia, that represents the interests of manufacturing technology suppliers and users within the precision engineering and advanced... Read More


  3. Automated Control specialises in the national distribution of process and automation control equipment.

  4. Campbell Scientific Australia provides users with a complete range of data acquisition systems, data loggers, weather stations, sensors, peripherals and telemetry options for all environmental and industrial applications. From simple stations to... Read More

  5. Veederline provides consultation, supply and distribution of advanced, fast and accurate Encoders, Controllers, Sensors, Industrial HMI's / PLC's and HVAC equipment.
    Think COUNT - RATE - POSITION -TIME - CONTROL - HVAC, think Veederline.

  6. IDM Instruments Pty Ltd. is a reputed and leading manufacturer & supplier of testing & measurement instruments. Since 1972, IDM Instruments has been providing quality solutions to customers’ testing requirements.

  7. Ti2 Pty Ltd offer a wide range of quality industrial automotive, automation, and information products and services. Using genuine open standards and technologies for industrial solutions we are able to reduce overall cost of ownership.

  8. Compressed Air Alliance provides independent advice to manufacturers to help them reduce compressed air demand and improve the efficiency and reliability of compressed air systems.