In the field of automation, many tasks inside and outside of control systems require precise temperatures of not only the manufacturing environment but also the equipment utilized in that environment.



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  1. Compressed Air Australia offers high quality, energy-conserving solutions that solve problems in industrial plants throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands. We supply the Food, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Mining, Agricultural, Pulp and Paper... Read More

  2. Alfa Laval is a Swedish headquartered global equipment manufacturer, established in Australia since 1926. Our sales and service presence in Australia today covers Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

  3. Danfoss Pacific (Australia and New Zealand)

  4. Air and Water provide quality air conditioning and heating units throughout Perth and WA.

  5. Over 60,000 customers have trusted SolarVenti to mount units all over the world. Australia has some of the greatest solar capacities to attain heat and thermal energy.

  6. Veederline provides consultation, supply and distribution of advanced, fast and accurate Encoders, Controllers, Sensors, Industrial HMI's / PLC's and HVAC equipment.
    Think COUNT - RATE - POSITION -TIME - CONTROL - HVAC, think Veederline.

  7. Fanmaster Pty Ltd is a wholly owned and operated Australian company.

  8. Melbourne-based Portable Cooling Systems has been importing Port-ACool Portable Evaporative Cooling units for five years.

  9. ActronAir believes in ideas, not in maintaining the status quo. That’s why they have been innovating for 30 years to produce some of the most technologically advanced, energy efficient air conditioning systems in the world.