Waste Management Machinery

Aquatec partners with Government, business & residential clients to deliver water & wastewater management solutions for the long-term.

Our products are purpose-built for environmental risk management and customised to respond to the unique demands of any application.

As an Australian owned company with over 30 years local and international experience, our service capabilities ensure that your asset is designed and delivered to exact specifications.

From market demand for water reuse through to advancing safety, operational and environmental innovations, Aquatec leads Australia’s water and wastewater industries into a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future.

Together with ongoing technical support, accredited training, auditing and product warranties, Aquatec’s end-to-end service model provides a superior level of risk management and quality control.

Aquatec’s research and development group work alongside our global partners to analyse market trends and develop ongoing breakthrough advances in water and wastewater technology.

From monitoring sewerage levels and odour to the remote management of water and wastewater assets, Aquatic incorporates best practice technologies to maximise functionality, value and lifespan of our products.