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Beacon Solar

Beacon Solar

Beacon Solar is a proud division of the Beacon Group, most well-known for the trusted Australian brand, Beacon Lighting.

Established in Melbourne in 1974, Beacon Lighting has been providing customers with quality products and market leading service for over 50 years. Today, there are 107 retail stores nationally and the Beacon brand is at the forefront of the Australian lighting industry.

Beacon Solar's dedicated commercial team have the experience and expertise to recommend complete energy efficiency solutions for your business.

From large scale solar systems, solar lighting and carparks, LED lighting upgrades, to HVAC improvements, Beacon Solar can provide you with a solution to reduce operating costs and improve the energy efficiency of your business.

Our experienced team can custom-design a solar power system to suit your requirements and manage the implementation process, ensuring that your system will be installed in a timely manner.

Beacon Solar’s expert installers are certified by the Clean Energy Council. Beacon Solar can help your business reduce operating expenses today.

With $0 upfront power purchase agreements available, you can lock in a lower electricity rate, protecting your business from rising energy costs in the long term.