Vertical Carousels Of Australia Pty Ltd

To run a successful business, you need the right tools. At Vertical Carousels of Australia Pty Ltd we offer smart warehouse and office storage solutions that will save you space and money. We specialise in vertical carousels, vertical storage lifts and office storage systems.

Whether your business is hampered by high labor costs, cramped for floor space, planning a move to a new facility, or saddled with a costly, inefficient inventory management system, we can help.

Why Automate?

Less Space:

• Condense your warehouse (over 840 square metres into less than 14 square metres)

• Increase your storage capacity


Less Manpower:

• Up to 50 % less  personnel required to the warehouse (one operator can manage up to 4 units)

• Reduce walking and searching time

  • 80% less idle time for single picking/retrieval with double exit feature
  • 70% less idle time cycle using pick by list and pick by light features


Less operating costs:

• Optimize the size of the stock with WMS software

• Real time inventory Control.

• Higher Picking Accuracy.

• Higher Throughput.

• Increase Productivity and Efficiency.

• Improve Ergonomics/Safety.

• Improve Security and Product Protection.