Dynsto Pty Ltd is an innovative company, situated in Queensland that specializes in dynamic storage systems of the highest quality which provide clever solutions for storage and handling of materials with difficult sizes.

We directly represent FAMI spa, a market leading European manufacturer known for the highest available quality in drawer cabinets, workbenches, NC tooling systems storage, ESD safe conductive container, Anti-static box , bins etc.

“Cleverrack” offers you the best possible economic solution for storage of long bars, tubes or other materials with lengths up to 6 meter and loading capacity till 28,000 kg per system.
The simplicity of the system is stunning; a couple of rotating arms make it possible to store, load and unload materials in a very effective and safe way.
Simple and cost effective. We have a large stock of these products so short delivery times can be guaranteed.

Dynsto’s “ROLL-RACK” is a very efficient and safe system to store sheet metal plates with dimensions up to 3000 x 1500 mm.

Dynsto’s “EASY-RACK” system ensures the safe and efficient storage of all long goods up to a max. of 12 metres.

These racking systems can also be fully automated storage systems like the “DynSheet” with plate dimensions to a max. of 6000 x 2000 mm and the “DynBar” for long goods with loads to a max. of 5000 kg per container and a max height of the total storage system of 15 meter.

Dynsto is also the importer of Creusen, a leading European maker of high quality belt grinders and bench grinding machines for the professional market.

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Anthony de Leeuw