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Hawker Richardson

Robotics & Mechanical Arms

Hawker Richardson is the Australia & New Zealand distributor for a wide range of reliable industrial products for a wide range of  industries including assembly technology, aerospace, electronics and robotics. We also offer cutting-edge stereo inspection &  measurement solutions for industry, research, medical and dental.

Our products can be found in manufacturing operations for a wide range of industries covering all station and assembly line requirements.

Our various range of products include electric screwdrivers and pneumatic screwdrivers, work arms, nut runners, sockets and bits and much more. We also provide low cost entry level SMT PCB assembly equipment ideally suited to prototype and low volume manufacture.

Our personnel can assist you in the evaluation and identification of the best solutions to improve your productivity through both increased accuracy and production speed. In this site, you will receive an overview of our services and products and will have access to specifications and information to assist you in the review process.

Hawker Richardson hold some of the leading agencies in the world such as Yamaha, Vision Engineering, FIAM, Cooper Tools and Stanley.