UPS Solutions

UPS solutions are an Australian owned, and Australia wide Power Protection and Data Centre supplier. Some of our products we manufacture and resell include:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Systems) Single Phase and Three Phase UPS, Line Interactive, On-Line UPS, Modular UPS systems.
  • Batteries, Sealed Lead Acid, Gel Batteries, Pure Lead Batteries, Battery Cabinets, Battery Testing Equipment, Replacement Batteries, Battery Cartridges, DC Cabling.
  • Generators, Portable Generators, Power Stations, Diesel & Petrol.
  • Surge Protection For Data and Electrical Circuits.
  • Power Distribution, PDU's, Busbars, Cable Management Trays.
  • CRAC, CRAH, InRow, Cooling Units. Design, Installation

and Servicing of the equipment above.