SCACO are specialists in a wide range of industrial weighing equipment, measuring equipment, identification equipment, systems engineering and components of equipment such as load cells.

We also offer various software options for your machinery including completely customised solutions.

We have a team of qualified and fully trained trade specialists on hand to provide you with all your servicing, calibration and repair needs.

As licensed members of the Australian National Measurement Institute, you can trust SCACO with your next trade measurement equipment service or calibration.

We are the leading Australian supplier of Check Weigh Cube systems and are have the exclusive rights to sell CubiScan products in Australia and New Zealand.

CubiScan are well known around the world for their high quality range of SKU, parcel measurement equipment and pallet dimensioning equipment.

We have a wide base of customers and industries including warehousing, logistics, transport, cement and quarries, waste and recycling, food production, petrochemical, mining, scientific and pharmaceutical to name just a few.

If you think your business needs our help, get in touch with SCACO today.

We have offices in most states across Australia and New Zealand.

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