Unicom Pty Ltd

Critical Communications for Protecting People and Property
1. Lone Worker Protection
Our emergency-call system for lone worker monitors people working alone and automatically calls for help in emergency situations.
If the person has had an accident but is still capable of action, they can send an emergency call manually by pressing the emergency call button. Our devices are also able to automatically recognise and signal dangerous situations such as falls and long periods of immobility, with a high degree of accuracy.
Using our indoor and outdoor localisation, when the emergency call is sent out, the position data of the person in danger is sent to the SOS portal for immediate assistance.
2. Alarm Server for Instant Emergency Notifications
With the s.GUARD alarm server, events from various sources (building management systems, fire alarm systems, network management, nurse call buttons, etc…) can be gathered, processed in a centralised way and transmitted via local communication platforms. The s.GUARD alarm server makes it possible to integrate and unify unconnected individual systems.
The s.GUARD alarm server disposes of numerous interfaces for the integration of existing monitoring systems, such as building management systems for example, standard automation software or telephone system