Owen Custom Products Pty. Ltd

Owen Custom Products Pty. Ltd

Owen Custom Products Pty Ltd is a company registered and incorporated in Queensland, specialising in design, mechanical and manufacturing production.

We are mining industry swing pedal innovators and produce swing pedals suitable for drag lines and electric face shovels with 'in cabin' serviceability.

The Owen Slim Line Swing Pedal is our leading product.

When we launched it back in 2007 it was an outstanding success and we believe that this new design will save many thousands of dollars in lost production due to breakdowns and cumbersome servicing techniques. Ergonomically designed with operator comfort and safety in mind.

After much thinking 'outside the square' we designed a swing pedal that is a  completely different principal and design to any other pedal and we are proud to offer it to the Mining/construction industry.

Eric Owen has many years experience in design and manufacturing and he has the following awards to his credit:- Australian Design Award  1979

Prince Phillip Prize for Industrial Design 1980

Finalist Premiers Award for Industry 1982