Warequip is an Australian-born company that specialises in the importing of forklift attachments and light materials handling equipment from premium manufacturers around the world, and the distribution of these parts Australia-wide in all domestic markets. 

Since its founding in 1976, Warequip has been the prime mover in the small materials handling industry, working with some of the most highly ranked brands in the world including Prestar, Clax, Ruxxac, Magliner, Wolfcart, Taylor Dunn and Rubbermaid. The company has always abided by its own set of consumer-friendly values and placed the wellbeing of staff, customers, and stakeholders first. 

Over time, Warequip has grown its operations into many market sectors, expanding to service the commercial, retail, manufacturing, agricultural and healthcare industries. The company is continuing to expand the range of services it provides, aiming to include product solutions, active servicing, and the hire and rental of machinery. 

Warequip and Warequip Solutions continue to lead the industry in the area of Material Handling Solutions, as they have done since their founding, and as they plan to do for the forseeable future.