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Richmond Wheel & Castor Co

Materials Handling & Storage

Richmond Wheel and Castor Co is a family owned Australian Company and has recently celebrated its 50th year of operations.

The company began as a manufacturer of Hydraulic materials handling equipment such as Pallet Trucks, Stackers, both manual and electric and distributed under the trading name, LiftnMove.

Richmond designed and manufactured the wheels, castors and rollers used in these machines and by the 1980s, this had become the major element of the business.

This focus continues today and sees Richmond as the leading Castor Company in Australia & New Zealand. We achieved this by offering a complete range of wheel and castor products to the market is shown in this catalogue. We are committed to improve, innovate and offer only the very best. Accordingly we have built a world wide supply chain that provides components and products that can be supplied ex stock.

In house Manufacturing is a critical part of the Richmond supply chain. We are proud of our ability to design and make wheels and castors and continue to invest in the process.

For Example in 2009 we have installed a new Polyurethane processing machine, capable of dispensing up to 15kg per minute. In addition, we have added a twin Pallet Machining centre to the plant which is great for mould making.

Richmond continues to offer complete design and manufacturing solutions for wheels and rollers. In 2008, we manufactured our largest Polyurethane rollers to date, which where 600mm diameter and 3,200mm long.

However we are much more than just an Engineering Company focused on wheel and castors. We have stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland. They all carry great stocks of Materials handling equipment such as Pallet Trucks, trolleys, Stackers, Table Lifters, Conveyors, Plastics and Gate opening equipment as well as a market leading range of Wheels and Castors