Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) manufactures and integrates a full line of cutting edge material handling systems for manufacturers and distributors. CASI automation systems include shipping systems, in-motion scales, sortation, box opening, order picking, receiving, as well as software and controls.

CASI’s automated shipping and manifest systems can typically replace up to 4 manual operators, therefore saving on labour costs. Most shipping areas consist of manual manifest stations with several steps of scanning, weighing, cubing, and attaching a shipping label.

Turnkey shipping solutions for single carrier, multi-carrier and multi-line systems
Typical systems include:

  • Order ID scan (License Plate Barcode) and lookup\
  • Checkweigh for shipping weight and/or pick verification
  • Automatic print and apply of shipping label
  • Verification scan to ensure order ID is married to correct shipping label
  • Reject for exceptions such as no-read, bad shipping label, wrong shipping weight, etc
  • Parcel sortation to carrier, service type, postal code, etc

Rules Based Shipping Software
CASI’s SolidShip™ carrier interface software provides an interface to rules based carrier applications such as the well known UPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL, Australia Post, and other rules based applications, allowing for automated in-line manifesting of multiple carriers on the same line.

  • Ideal for shipping bulk cartons per day
  • Save on labour costs
  • Reduce human error
  • Provide excellent ROI typically in a few months

Labelling and Controls Software  for Multi-Carrier Shipping
Are you a rate shopper using ClipperShip, Pitney Bowes, CLS, ProShip, or other rate shopping software? No problem.

  • SolidShip™ and SolidLabel™ integrate seamlessly to generate labels
  • Interface the rate shopping software
  • Verify the shipping label on the intended package

CASI manufactures and integrates standard and custom shipping systems for single and multi-carrier shipping operations.