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.Posilift Australia specialises in the design and supply of materials handling equipment for the repetitive lifting, moving, turning, rotating, inclining, and positioning of loads on production lines and workstations in most industries.

We are an Australian company with more than 30 years of Australian and International experience in manipulator solutions and technology.

In 2015 we joined the Posilift Global group to give us access to a broader range of industrial manipulator solutions and added electronic lifters, mobile manipulators, all new mounting options, and custom-made toolings to our range of solutions. To push forward with new innovations that our previous suppliers restricted us from doing. We have been appointed the Posilift Global Sales and Marketing Centre and we are the sole distributor of Armtec Lift Assist Devices in Australia.

Our skill is to solve materials handling problems in the workplace and to specify and supply tailor-made equipment that best meets a customer’s needs and budget.

We do this by combining our knowledge and experience in Australia with the knowledge and experience within our Group and within our International and local suppliers. It is likely that Posilift or one of its suppliers has already solved your handling problem somewhere in the world.

All equipment specified and sold by Posilift Australia carries the Posilift Australia mark. This is your assurance that the equipment was made to our design specifications and meets all the Australian Standards of Health and Safety. We give full warranty, service, and technical support to everything we sell ongoingly.