Laboratory Systems Group

Established in 1975, Laboratory Systems Group are proudly
Australian owned and operated.
Laboratory Systems Group provides a complete product range and
laboratory services, from design, supply and installation of
laboratory hardware to the servicing of laboratory equipment.

We manufacture and make available a full range of, clean air
handling cabinets, chemical handling cabinets which includes our
Safeguard series of ductless fume cabinets, HEPA Laminar flow
cupboards and gloveboxes, through to the Smoothflow™ TOUCH®
ducted fume cupboards and a full range of laboratory sinks, bench
tops, laboratory tapware and safety equipment including, static,
ducted and ductless filtered chemical storage.
We pride ourselves on providing a full product range and
servicing for all your laboratory needs; from simple bench top
equipment to complete laboratory design, manufacture,
installation and service. Laboratory Systems Group Pty Ltd is ISO
9001, ECO-Warranty Accredited and NATA accredited. Safety SMART
Pty Ltd is the Service Division of Laboratory Systems Group Pty
Ltd. Safety SMART offers major and minor services to most
equipment, complying with NATA standards.
Laboratory Systems Group manufacturing and projects span over 40
years, providing, design, engineering, manufacturing,
installation and support of standard industry products and custom
product solutions for the Scientific Industry.