Mastercut Technologies

Mastercut... your thin metal experts, specialise in thin metal cutting and manufacture these items and more in house...

PCB Shielding - Custom Thin Metal Parts - Encoder Wheels - Jewellery - Solder Paste Stencils - Quickplate Stencils - Prototype Stencils - Re-Work Stencils - Shim off the Coil - Custom Profile Shims - Labels - Signs - Nameplates - Plaques - Serialised "ID" Plates - Table Numbers - Coffee Stencils - Menu Badges - Custom Gobo's - Stock Gobo's - Business Cards - Clocks - Promotional Bookmarks - Promotional Paperclips - Custom Promotional Products - Wholesale Bookmarks - Wholesale Clocks - Custom Wholesale Products

Processes include Photo Chemical Etching, Laser Cutting, Laser Marking. Mastercut specialise in fabricating your precision parts from thin metals including stainless steel, copper and brass.

Please email or phone (07) 5576 1900 to discuss your design ideas and requirements. Alternatively you can visit Mastercut's website to read more about the products and services that Mastercut offer.

These are just some of the industries that Mastercut currently serve...
- Electronics assemblers - Mining, Oil & Gas - Medical device industry - Jewellery industry - RF shielding designers - Model makers - Sign, Trophy & Plaque makers - Gift & souvenir wholesalers - Architectural