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AutoFast Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor of AutoFast®t technologies in the Australian, Asian and Pacific regions. We supply superior rivet tools that manufacturing facilities could leverage to achieve increased productivity with their rivet fastening goals.


The AutoFast® Riveting System is the world’s first truly portable semi-automatic rivet fastening tool. It has been designed for high volume installation of break-stem
 blind rivets. This revolutionary system can increase production rates up to four-fold and decrease installation costs. No other rivet system competes with the speed, flexibility and safety of the AutoFast® Riveting system.

SPEED – The AutoFast® Riveting System sets one rivet per second with a continuous rivet feeding capacity of up to 5000 rivets.

FLEXIBILITY – It is the only rivet fastening system designed to accommodate a variety of rivets from size, category and type. For maximum flexibility, the AutoFast® Riveting System can be adapted to work with robotics and customised nose pieces designed for industries such as transportation, aircraft, electronics and more.

SAFETY – The lightweight ergonomic design of
 the AutoFast® Riveting System and its no recoil will help minimise repetitive stress injuries commonly associated with 
rivet fastening. The single-handed operation allows the operator's free hand to be used for stability and support. The AutoFast® tool will not fire unless the nose piece is engaged. With a generous collection bag to collect used mandrels and feed strip, the risks of ‘slip-related’ accidents are avoided.


The AutoFast® Riveting System features a feed strip with rivets inserted at uniform spacing and is used to transport rivets during the riveting process. The rivets are fed automatically into the AutoFast® tool making manual rivet loading and mandrel disposal a thing of the past.

Rivets that are normally sold in bulk (loose) and installed manually one at a time can now be purchased in rivet feed strips to facilitate rapid semi-automatic installation.

The AutoFast® Riveting System’s patented rivet feed system allows you to customize the type of blind rivet and the amount – sleeves (bags) can hold up to 500 rivets and boxes can hold up to 5,000.


We provide an analysis of the customer's application requirements and tailor the AutoFast® Riveting System to satisfy those needs. We are happy to visit the customer’s premises to provide a product demonstration and/or a product trial (real-time testing).

We offer reliable supply (replenishment) of riveting consumables. We can deal directly with the customer/end-user or will work with the customer's supplier / distributor to effectively manage the customer's use of our products.

We provide a comprehensive one-year warranty. Should any problems arise while under warranty, a replacement tool will be supplied to avoid down-time.

We offer training and nationwide technical support for the AutoFast® Riveting System.


Contact AutoFast Australia Pty Ltd by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you. Let us move you forward with the AutoFast® Riveting System.