Australian Made

Australian Made logo

The Australian Made Campaign is the not-for-profit organisation that administers the Australian Made logo.

The Australian Made logo is a symbol for quality, safe, reliable products manufactured in Australia. It supports Australian manufacturers by helping them to clearly identify their products as Australian to customers.

It also sends a message to staff and the local community about commitment to investing in local jobs.
Research* shows that 98% of Australians recognise the Australian Made logo.

It is also recognised around the world as a symbol for genuine Aussie products.

The logo is a registered trade mark in Australia, the USA and China, with registration pending in South Korea.

Please note, the Australian Made logo can only be used on products that are registered with Australian Made Campaign Limited. For more information visit our website.
The Australian Made Campaign is currently working with Industry Capability Network (ICN) as part of the Federal Government's Buy Australian at Home and Abroad (BAHA) initiative, to connect buyers with suppliers and maximise local content in major projects.

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*Roy Morgan, 2012