Reel Tech

Reel Tech is an Australian based company with offices in Melbourne and New Zealand.

We are a member of the Spray Nozzle Engineering group, specialising in hose and cable reels.

We have been the exclusive distributor for Hannay Reels in Australia for over a decade.

Reel Tech's unique, Australian designed and made gearbox and direct drive mechanism is extremely compact, eliminating the need for an external gearbox.

The “No Sprocket, No Chain” design makes it one of the most reliable and safest.

Our industries include food processing, mining, fire-fighting, fuel delivery, AdBlue dispensing, transportation, fleets, waste management, construction, government and defence, maritime, aviation, utilities, grounds maintenance, weed and pest control, and communications.

Our hose reels are built toughest for the roughest.

Some of our patents include rewind control mechanism, gearbox and drive mechanism, spool control, and remote control technology.

Our hose reels come in a range of options of construction materials and sizes for diverse and customised applications.

With over 20 years’ experience in hose reel applications, Reel Tech has developed an extensive range of durable, serviceable, cost-effective, safe, reliable and efficient hose and cable reel solutions.