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Whole Mind Strategies Pty Ltd

Health & Wellness Programs

Whole Mind Strategies is a company specialized in hypnosis services.

Anthony Gilmour is the Whole Mind Strategies leading psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist with over ten years of experience in the area.

At Whole Mind Strategies, we develop and change mind sets, allowing people to reach their full potential.

We are specialized in anxiety, panic attacks, depression and also help our clients in quitting smoking, addictions, phobias, weight loss etc.

Moreover, if you have problems with self confidence, public speaking and relationships, we can help you.

Our programs are designed to make the necessary changes in our clients' lives in the shortest time frame possible, and our rates are pretty inexpensive compared to the others.

This is because our main interest is to help our clients.

For more information visit our web site or our clinic in Dandenong, Melboune.