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Enware Australia

Enware is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer and distributer of commercial and industrial plumbing and safety products. With over 75 years experience - you will find our extensive range of products and services throughout Australia and abroad. 
We lead the way in delivering specialist products backed by our highly trained service team and certified ISO quality controls. With three Sydney manufacturing sites producing products on request we have the capability to offer innovative and practical solutions to all our market channels:
- Education 
- Commercial Food Premises 
- Disability and Aged Care 
- Hospital and Health 
- Public Amenities 
- Safety 
- Laboratories 
- Security 
- Mortuary 
We have vast technical knowledge and an experienced Research and Development team who have the ability to provide genuine innovation whilst striving to constantly have a deeper insight and understanding of the end user and their needs. Our experience brings an understanding and familiarity of local and international compliance, regulations and standards. 
Our vison for the future is to be the world’s most trusted brand for insight and design driven solutions that enhance the safety and performance of the built environment.
Specialist Plumbing Solutions; Accessible Work & Living Solutions; Environmental, Health & Safety Solutions; Stainless Steel Washroom Systems; and Automatic Meter Reading