Radius Master

Radius Master


Australian designed and built, the Radius Master is the most versatile belt grinding machine on the market.

Radius Master has proven an invaluable aid by engineers, fabricators, welders, fitters, balistrade and stainless specialists, foundries, toolmakers, rural manufacturers, mechanics, restorers, aircraft engineers, medical equipment manufacturers, sculptors, knifemakers, model makers, many universities and the CSIRO.

• 7 work stations, 5 contact wheels, side tilt for pipe notching - all instantly accessible.

• Uses include contouring, squaring, facing, deburring (inside tube included), sharpening, all stainless finishes, texturing, micro finishing and polishing. 

• Outstanding tracking allows notching sharp corners at the very edge of the belt. 

• Currently exported to U.S.A, U.K., Canada and New Zealand. 

• Performance and durability backed by a 2 year commercial warranty.



Radius Master’s designer, a tool and die maker by profession, has been manufacturing belt grinding machinery for more than 30 years.

This experience, together with the desire to build better machinery that does not follow conventional time wasting designs has produced machinery that has no equal in convenience performance and durability.

Without the need for a box of add-ons and spanners, we have proudly achieved the most user friendly machinery that out-performs, out-lasts and can make a very significant improvement to product cost and quality.