Computer Numerical Control

Computer Numerical Control

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) has been serving the Machine Tool Industry since 1975.

CNC was established at a time when Numerical Controlled Machining was becoming the way of the future. Along with the Hardinge USA agency CNC has maintained itself as an importer of quality machine tools.

Hardinge over the past decade has grown from predominately a lathe manufacturer to manufacturing a range of machine tools that include Kellengerger, Hauser, Tripet , Tschudin Grinders, and Bridgeport Milling machines as well as a diverse range of work holding products. These products now come under the Hardinge banner and are sold all around the world.

Coupled with Machine Tools CNC has a strong position in the Repetition Engineering Industry, supplying Spindle Tooling, turret Tooling and spare parts to a range of single and Multi-spindle automatic lathes.