Advanced Manufacturing CRC Limited

The Advanced Manufacturing CRC (AMCRC) aims to lead the Australian manufacturing community’s innovation, sustainability and global competitiveness.
Established with a grant of $35 million in 2008, the AMCRC is part of the Cooperative Research Centres Program where, with funding from the Australian Government, researchers and industries are brought together to develop lasting innovative solutions.
In June 2013, the AMCRC submitted a rebid application for a further extension of time and funding, with commitment from more than 50 companies and research organisations.
The Future
The future of Manufacturing in Australia lies in sustainable knowledge based  manufacturing with a focus on innovation and the development of intellectual property and intangible assets. Collaboration between our leading research providers and our industrial sector is key to this future. Through the experience of the first 7 years with the Advanced Manufacturing CRC and engagement with over 100 Innovative organisations in Australia, focus technologies have emerged that have gained wide industrial support with an ability to transform our way of life in;
Additive Manufacturing enables products to be rapidly and innovatively designed and built in metals or polymers that are customised, intricate, and functional.
Biomanufacturing enables the energy efficient and sustainable transformation of resources into products as well as the growth of biological material such as stem cells and proteins used in regenerative medicine.
Coupled with providing global benchmark innovation processes the Advanced Manufacturing CRC will have a significant impact on the Australian Advanced Manufacturing landscape and the generation and support of globally competitive innovative companies.
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