Raymax Lasers

Head Office in Sydney we supply laser solutions and optronics equipment across Australia and New Zealand.

To provide the most effective leading-edge laser and optronics solutions to advance manufacturing industries, and research and development organisations. 

To dedicate our expertise to achieving our goals of innovation, best practice and first-class customer service, to the benefit of both our customers and suppliers.

With 20+ years of operation, the company has continued to grow its expertise and supply base sourcing from highly reputable laser and optronics equipment manufacturers in Europe, the UK and America. Our team of physicists and factory trained engineers, along with our extensive knowledge of laser technology and applications in both Australia and New Zealand, means we offer reputable advice, service and support. 

OUR SERVICE: Advanced manufacturing: A full range available of direct diode, fibre and YAG laser systems for industrial applications for welding, cladding, cutting, near-nett shape manufacture, plastic welding and heat treatment. Used in aviation, automotive manufacture, consumer goods, medical, mining and more. Raymax has a highly successful installed base of cladding purposed lasers across Australia.

Microstructures engineering: Provision of both custom and standard Excimer and short pulse-length micromachining systems. Our laser systems can generate feature sizes of 1-500 microns. Used extensively in industries such as medical device manufacture, industrial research and security.

Laser coding and marking:  Raymax has been supplying Laser coding and marking solutions since 1992 and offer a full range of C02, YAG and fibre laser solutions from world-leading suppliers. We can mark everything from (hot) glass and steel to paper, inked card and eggs - all at the highest possible speeds. Stand-alone systems or integrated into existing production lines.

Perforation lasers: New to our stable is the innovative Perfotec laser system suitable for micro-perforation for MAP control of fresh produce. This revolutionary technology extends shelf-life and reduces wastage in produce.

Laser security: Providing a number of very sophisticated Laser systems for the generation of both covert and overt laser security features in a variety of markets. Our experience in this field is highly regarded.

Raymax also provides a range of scientific lasers, laser parts, optics and Ophir power meters to for laser beam measurement and BOFA fume extractors.  We have a new product available from JDSU for infrared spectral identification, the MicroNIR.