CCR Plascon

CCR Plascon

CCR Plascon commenced in 1995 to recycle used chemical containers back into the chemical and food packaging industry. The name CCR is short for COUNTRY CARE RECYCLING and PLASCON is short for PLASTIC CONTAINERS. Therefore, when the company name is abbreviated, it is CCR PLASCON.

Country Care Recycling is a wholly owned subsidiary of THE ENVIROGREEN AUSTRALIA TRUST and trades as CCR PLASCON.

The business has evolved from just recycling plastic containers to offering a totally integrated product range and relevant services including contract laundering of IBC’s and 200lt Drums, manufacture of Heavy Duty IBCs, Segboxs and Mobibunds (pallet bunds).

The company is also an distributor for Stainless Steel IBCs, WATER AND CHEMICAL TANKS to 32000lts, AQUACULTURE TUBS ranging from 250lts to 9000lts and CARTAGE TANKS of various sizes and styles.