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Saacke Australia Pty Ltd

Saacke Australia Pty Ltd

·         SAACKE – Industrial Burners and combustion equipment (www.saacke.com.au  OR www.saacke.de )

·         SAACKE Marine: Marine Boilers, Heavy fuel burners, Gas Combustion Units for LNG carriers, FPSO Conversions etc. (www.saacke-marine-systems.com )

·         DURAG Group:  Combustion  & Emission Monitoring (www.durag.de)

·         Hegwein: Gas/Oil fired Igniters(www.hegwein.de)

·         Ambirad: Radiant tube heating systems (www.ambirad.co.uk)

·         Kane International: Leak detectors and Multi Gas Emission analysers  (www.kane.co.uk)

·         Lanemark: Tube tank heating systems  (www.lanemark.com)

·         SMITSVONK : Ignition Systems for Flares ( www.smitsvonk.nl )