Flexilift Australia Pty Ltd

Flexilift Australia Pty Ltd

Flexilift Australia – Quality forklift products and services

Flexilift Australia is a one-stop-shop for top quality forklift products and services. Our head office is located in Dandenong Victoria and we have built a network of nationwide branches. Flexilift can provide forklifts and reach trucks to improve the efficiency and reliability of all your materials handling needs. Flexilift has the expertise and infrastructure to provide you with a range of forklifts – including forklifts for specialised situations and forklift attachments.

Flexilift Australia is in the business of supplying forklifts (forklift sales, forklift rental, new forklifts, used forklifts) to businesses that need a reliable solution in their materials handling. Whether you’re a warehouse manager who needs to maximise space and efficiency, or an importer who needs to offload pallets of cargo, Flexilft has the forklift to suit your needs.