Detectaclean is an Australian company stocking the largest supply of X-Ray/Metal Detectable, PPE, Brushware and Hygiene Equipment for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing, and general industries in Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific Rim.

Detectaclean’s detectable products are HACCP-compliant, food-safe and made from various non-metallic, FDA-approved materials with a metallic magnetic trace element which is present throughout the whole object, ensuring that all parts are potentially detectable, unlike products which have a metallic strip.

Featuring Anti-Microbial, Metal-Detectable, and Resin-Set bristles, Detectaclean’s brushware and cleaning products are second to none, having applications in food, beverage, kitchen and restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, homes and gardens, industrial, janitorial, retail, local authority, contractors, agriculture and construction. 

With thousands of products available in quick turnaround, Detectaclean has a reputation as a dependable distributor for some of the world’s most innovative and highest quality products.

Whatever your need, Detectaclean is your single source for easy to use, serviceable products covering numerous applications.

Detectaclean’s partners are leading manufacturers investing in research to benefit their customers, and are placed at the forefront of industry development.

With ISO accreditation and Quality Assurance, use Detectaclean products in both wet and dry environments for total peace of mind.