Precision Foam

Precision Foam

Precision Foam Manufacturing is the leading supplier of converted foam products in Australia. Precision Foam can design and manufacture foam products to your requirements

Our objective; to provide services and quality to our customers as we have for more the 25 years, Precision Foam aims to become our customers invaluable and committed business partner.

Precision Foam Manufacturing is a quality endorsed company. Our business processes are managed using a quality system certified as complying with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.

Precision Foam Manufacturing specialise in die cutting and converting foam and associated materials into a wide variety of applications including; Foam packaging, anti static electronics packaging, protective packaging, glass packaging, wine bottle packaging, gift box packaging ,display packaging, foam products,  foam filters, foam gaskets and thermoformed foam products.

Precision Foam manufacture from a wide variety of materials including Polyurethane open cell foam, crosslinked polyethylene closed cell foam, (PE & EVA) and non-crosslinked polyethylene.(EPE)

Precision Foam can die cut foam and other materials such as fabrics, filters, cork, cardboard, polypropylene and filter media.

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