Ames Direct

Engineering Plastics, Engineering Supplies, General Industrial Suppliers, Belts and Hoses

For over 50 years, Ames has been the roller specialists serving all industries in the inspection, design, manufacture and monitoring of rollers in all environments.

Ames assists plant operators, production managers and design engineers in all applications, from initial recommendations through to the design, prototyping
and testing of roller products.

Quantities can range from a one-off to thousands, and in each case we give the most effective and economical production options to our clients.

Ames has the capacity to produce many and varied rollers and related products using it’s CAD design, toolmaking, moulding, machining and specialised bonding capabilities.

Our current product range consists of:

•Rubber & polyurethane rollers (new & recovered)
•Roller machining services
•Engineered plastics
•Rubber & plastic custom components
•Repetition machining