Fastron Electronics

Fastron Electronics is a privately owned company based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in the supply of Components, Products and Solutions to the Energy Monitoring, Power Electronics, Process Control and Electrical Instrumentation markets. We also manufacture a wide range of power Conversion Technologies such as Power Factor Correction Systems, Power Control Systems, and Power Monitoring Transducers.
We Are:
  • Manufacturers, importers, design/development and consulting engineers in electrical, electronic and systems solution disciplines.
Fastron's core business reflects up to 26 years experience in:
  • The selection, application and testing of High Power Semiconductors.
  • Custom design of Power Semiconductor Heat Sink & Water Cooler Assemblies.
  • Design and manufacture of our own OZtherm brand of Thyristor (SCR) Controllers, Solid State Contactors, Signal Conditioners and Current and Voltage trip modules - typically used in electronic heating controls and controlled rectifiers.
  • Design and manufacture of custom rectifiers, control cubicle design, power supplies and switching sub-assemblies.
  • Selection and application of; AC and DC current and voltage sensors and transducers, EMC Filters, chokes and pulse transformers, Harmonic Filters and our TRENT brand of Semiconductor Protection Fuses.
  • Process and Temperature Control Products and Solutions.
  • SSR's and Solid State Contactors.
  • Electrical Instrumentation
  • Energy Monitoring products and solutions.
Our Mission:
  • To select the most suitable components, products or engineered solutions to meet and potentially exceed our customers requirements in an unbiased and professional manner.
  • To be actively involved in improving the reliability and energy efficiency of power conversion equipment, temperature and electric heating controls.
  • To promote Energy Monitoring and Management solutions as the means to benchmark, measure and reduce energy waste, reduce costs and CO2 emissions.