Supermarket & Shopping Trolley Manufacturer - Premium Heavy Duty Wheels and Castors Stockist

QHDC is a leading shopping & supermarket trolley manufacturer and supplier based at Burleigh on the Gold Coast. From its Burleigh factory QHDC supplies to customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region. The Company also stocks and supplies a wide range of Premium Heavy Duty Wheels & Castors to customers in these regions.

The team at QHDC Australia will always strive to deliver great quality and service in each of its business activities. Our factory at Burleigh, backed by manufacturing in China and India too, has years of experience with modern manufacturing equipment and processes in place to ensure that we remain very competitive in both the shopping and supermarket trolley market as well as in wheels and castors in today's challenging business environment.

Our product selection includes a wide range of shopping & supermarket trolley designs created by QHDC for the specifically Australasian market. Our main-stream models have been tested and certified to the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS3847.1:1999 – a feature that is unique to QHDC and one that ensures that our quality standards are tightly monitored and controlled.

Another unique feature of our shopping and supermarket trolley range are the models that we coat with Rilsan® Nylon. Nylon is one of the strongest and most durable plastics that can add years of life when applied to a shopping trolley and it has become the preferred choice of major retail chains whose businesses have huge investments in supermarket and shopping trolleys. In addition to the nylon coated trolleys QHDC also stocks and sells a zinc plated /PP coated shopping and supermarket trolley range together with a good selection of multi-purpose trolleys for handling stock, liquor, hardware, nursery and garden centre lines and many other applications.

QHDC offers a full range of spare parts and accessories to maintain and repair all models in the shopping and supermarket trolley range including various types of wheels and castors to suit different applications.

In another part of it’s business QHDC has also partnered with internationally recognised Muvtons brand to bring to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region, a wide range of Premium Heavy Duty wheels and castors that are now available throughout the region.

Muvtons range of wheels and castors designed and manufactured in Noida, India and supplied to all major global markets are true heavyweights with capacities up to 11,500kg per castor.

QHDC also offers a Rilsan® nylon coating service for valves and fittings and a polyethylene coating service for refrigerator,  appliance and display shelving at its factory at Burleigh.