Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

Since first developing a range of magnetic clamps for welders Serpent & Dove – Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd has become a leader in the supply of magnetic products for industry in Australia and internationally. Magnets are used in almost every industry from mining to plastics to food production. The company holds a number of patents with innovation being a strength which, together with years of application experience, make Serpent & Dove a trusted name for sound advice and supply of;

Lifting Magnets and Tecnomagnete Magnetic Heavy Lifting systems

Magnetic separators & tramp iron magnets for mining, plastics and food industries

Magnetic clamps for welding and work-holding including our own and Magswitch products

Magnetic chucks and work-holders

Yellow Mag ll Pilot Ladder Magnets

Magswitch products in Australia

‘Finding ways with Magnets’ is the motto that describes our approach, since 1984, to customer’s requirements for magnetically lifting and handling steel, for removing unwanted iron from products as diverse as corn flakes to coal or for clamping and holding steel work-pieces.