Apex Dynamics

Apex Dynamics

Apex Dynamics Australia Pty Ltd.  is a part of Apex group of companies, focusing on developing, producing and delivering high precision, low backlash planetary gearboxes for motion applications.

Apex planetary gearbox is a high precision reducer designed to enhance load handling and power delivery capability of rotary servomotors. The gearbox attaches directly to your motor. Power is transmitted from the motor to a sun gear which in turn drives three planet gears contained within an internal tooth ring gear. Patented, single piece planet carrier supports the planet gears and delivers output rotation.

Balanced coaxial construction and low inertia make Apex gearbox an ideal motor companion for dynamic system design, enabling your servomotor to take full advantage of available speed and torque range. Because the load is shared evenly over multiple gears - planetary gearboxes deliver highest torque and stiffness for the given size. Helical gear design and effective lubrication system
further improve load handling and low noise characteristics of Apex gearboxes.

Additional cost saving and application benefits of Apex gearboxes include:

  • extended warranty
  • maintenance free design
  • any orientation mounting
  • high environmental protection
  • continuous duty rating
  • light weight
  • minimal backlash
  • shock load resistant
  • large variety of models with multiple sizes and ratios for design flexibilit