Showpiece Services

Cleaning Equipment & Services

Show Piece Services provides a vast array of services to varied clientele—from businesses needing superior corporate cleaning, to establishments requiring skilled strata cleaners in Sydney.

All of the services we offer are at competitive prices.

We also have all the respective insurances in place and a team of competent office cleaners performing the required tasks.

As many businesses throughout Australia have become more and more concerned about the state of our environment, you will be happy to know that Show Piece Services only uses environmentally responsible and Australian owned products in our office cleaning services.

This gives you the assurance that your establishment is not only in good and capable hands, but applying sustainable methods of maintaining cleanliness.

When you approach us for a personal and tailored quotation for your site, we will also be able to give an insight into preventative maintenance to be able to save your site overall costs.

If you feel that any of the above is currently not at a high standard at your premises, please contact Show Piece Services.

We always welcome and value feedback from our dear clients.