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Centralised Pumping Systems

Cleaning Equipment & Services

Centralised Pumping Systems has been providing bioremediating,  speciality cleaning products to Pacific and South Asia businesses since 1995, making us the first real provider of alternatives to harmful solvent-based products in this part of the world.

It is our mission to assist companies in working ‘smarter, cleaner and greener’ and this philosophy has now become part of our identity and branding through the Smarter. Clean. Green product range.

We’re proud of our honest approach and of our knowledge of the science and technology behind the cleaners. Every product we put our name alongside has undergone rigorous testing to guarantee it exceeds expectations in its stated performance and delivers to industry-specific standards.

Our product range has grown as we continue to promote healthier, safer and more sustainable workplaces. This dedication to eco-friendly products and to the environment sees manufacturers seeking us to represent and promote their products to clients who trust us to provide an effective solution to their specialist cleaning requirements.