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China Manufacturing (Australia)


China Manufacturing (Australia) is a division of Ritz Global, a company specialising in the management and control of manufacturing in China.

China Manufacturing (Australia) is a contract manufacturing specialist who focuses on providing efficient industrial manufacturing, particularly metal manufacturing, and other sourcing solutions for Australian businesses. Be it environmental products, mining equipment, metal casting, industrial machinery & equipment, industrial consumables, plastic manufacturing & moulding, hardware, medical and dental products, building and construction equipment, building materials, packaging machinery and materials, office furniture and supplies or promotional products.

Prior to production our experienced bilingual staff will verify that the China factory is qualified and credible and will inspect each process. Each manufacturing project is well monitored and managed, our people will effectively communicate with businesses in both Australia and China to fix up any problems and concerns with a zero-day delay.

China Manufacturing (Australia) is dedicated in taking responsibility in each step towards delivering you superior Quality. China Manufacturing (Australia) is one of the first China sourcing companies in Australia to introduce a ‘Peace of Mind Guarantee’. We guarantee if the products we provide do not meet the prototype standards we developed for you; we will provide a FREE replacement of ALL the bad or defective parts.

Our business aims to keep Australian Manufacturers and Distributors competitive in the ever-growing market by providing quality and cost-effective products. China Manufacturing (Australia) has the expertise to deliver.