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ACTISAFE: Innovation, Ergonomics, Workplace Evolution

Actisafe is an industrial innovator in workspace design and development. The customer is always our first priority. Actisafe has unique expertise in manufacturing ergonomic workplace solutions for constantly changing industrial environments. Our versatile furniture is easily modified and updated as our whole product range is modular and interchangable.

Human Centered Design

Actisafe workstations bring the human factor into your workplace. In their design, we have paid special attention to human physiology and individual needs. Proper ergonomics increase comfort and reduce the number of sick days, leading to higher productivity and substantial cost savings (increased profit). Our compact solutions also save floor space, leading to more efficient businesses.

Tailored to suit your needs

We carefully study your workplace and production methods to ensure that you get the best possible workspace solution for your working environment and your workers needs. The modular design of our workplace furniture enables the customer to integrate it fully with their current layout. Customers are also able to easily modify it using our wide range of interchangable accessories.

Quality Improves Usability    

Actisafe workplace furniture represents high quality and real usability. Sturdy, practical structures, detailed finishing and stylish looks are the ingredients that make up our product. Ideal materials, and careful testing ensure that our solutions work smoothly and are long-lasting, even with constant maximum load.

Extensive Product Range

 Each working environment has its own special individual needs. We offer a wide range of standard products and solutions for numerous industry sectors. Our large variety of product ensures that you can be served and satisfied from one company - ACTISAFE.