Colt Interntional Pty Limited

Colt International, 100% owned by the global Colt Group; provides energy efficient green products and solutions to help combat climate change and provide comfortable, healthy and safe conditions. These include Industrial Evaporative Coolers; Operable Natural Fresh Air Ventilation Systems; Screening; Performance Louvres; Fixed Sunshades; Sun Tracking; Energy Generating Solar Shading systems.

The Colt Coolstream adiabatic evaporative cooler is high end industrial quality climate solution solution suitable for large open spaces where traditional air conditioning is far too expensive to install and operate. Colt will look at overheating problem as a complet package combining a number of different innovative and energy efficient products and techniques whcih utilise the best of what nature has to offer - cooling from natural ventilation and where required, the use of new generation adiabatic cooling.

A typical factory or warehouse cooling solution may involve Colt air exhaust/intrake louvres along the walls and roof whilst a water efficient Colt Coolstream unit brings 100% fresh air which is cooled via an adiabatic cooling process. This arrangement will maintain comfortable conditions at a fraction of the cost of a traditional air conditioner and therefore with a very minimal carbon footprint.

Contact us for an obligation free survey on how we can improvethe internal conditions of your factory or warehouse and the improve the comfort and productivity of employees and overall processes of your business.

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